Why We’re Not Offering a Frunk for the BMW i4 M50

Dear BMW Enthusiasts

You may have noticed that we do not offer a frunk (front trunk) for the BMW i4 M50. Why? The answer is simple: lack of space and cost.

When developing our frunk solutions, we place great emphasis on quality and practicality. Before we offer a product, we carefully check whether it meets our customers’ needs. In this case, we carefully analyzed the BMW i4 M50 and determined that there simply wasn’t enough room in the front of the vehicle to create a useful frunk.

We understand that many of you would like to have a funk. But we also believe that it is important to be responsible with our resources. We would have loved to offer a frunk for the M50 as well, but it just doesn’t make sense to invest time and money into developing a frunk that probably won’t even hold a charging cable in the end. The prize for the impressive presentation on the topic of wasted space clearly goes to:

the BMW-engineers.

Thank you for your understanding.

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