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I am Wolfgang Kern from Bayern – and therefore in short: WOKEBY.
Precision combined with functional design. Simple, but innovative. That’s what my company stands for. I am a mechanical engineer and an enthusiastic BMW i3 driver from the early days. Since the beginning of 2014 I’ve been analysing this fantastic car and developing add-on parts to make it even better – with success.

Through many conversations and discussions in online forums it became clear to me that many other BMW i3 owners had the same wish: to make their car more suitable for everyday use. This is what motivated me to found my company in 2017.

Picture of Owner Wolfgang Kern
Picture of Wolfgang drawing the concept on a table

The first idea was to use the free space of the REX in the all-electric BMW i3. I was sure that there was additional storage space hidden there and started working on a prototype. Measures were taken, a design created, a production process and the supplier selected. One year later the trunk extension was sold to BMW i3 drivers from all over the world.

Due to the great success of the trunk extension, it took a little while until the second project was finished: the frunk sealing

I have always wondered – just like any other i3 owner – why BMW has not designed the front trunk to be waterproof. Since no usable solution was available until today, I took care of the matter and developed the frunk sealing. Thanks to it, the BMW i3 not only has a dry and clean front trunk, but also more usable storage space for charging cables, purchases or similar.

Big thanks to all my family and friends who have always been supporting me. Starting from designing the website to testing the shop with all its functions or giving me first feedback about my ideas and making suggestions for my prototypes. They also support the logistics process and make sure that you can get your BMW i3 accessories as fast as possible.

This is the Us in WOKEBY.

The people behind the scenes who make all this possible.

Wolfgang working on the Frunk design on a computer

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