BMW i4 Frunk Installed
BMW iX3 Frunk Installed
i4 Frunk

The piece that was missing for your BMW i4

The front hood trunk of the BMW i4 offers an additional 40 liters of storage space, providing ample room for all your e-mobility needs. Whether you're preparing for a getaway, embarking on a cross-country road trip, or simply striving for a neat and orderly trunk, the i4 Frunk delivers the extra space you require.

iX3 Frunk

More storage space for your BMW iX3

This trunk under the front hood offers you an additional 47 liters of storage space and is more than enough for everything an e-mobilist needs. Whether you're packing for a vacation, a trip, or just want a tidy trunk, the BMW iX3 Frunk gives you a lot more space.

BMW i3 & i3s

Practical BMW i3 Accessories for Everyday Comfort

The innovative charging flap simplifies the charging process, the frunk sealing protects the storage space from moisture, and the trunk expansion provides an additional 35 liters of space. These products are easy to install and significantly enhance the user experience.

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Picture of Owner Wolfgang Kern

About Us

WOKEBY’s story began with a spark – a spark ignited by Wolfgang Kern, an early adopter and huge fan of the revolutionary BMW i3. Wolfgang, with his engineering background, saw potential to enhance the i3’s functionality. This passion for practical solutions led to the birth of WOKEBY, a name that cleverly combines Wolfgang (WO), Kern (KE), and Bayern (BY), a nod to his German roots.

From i3 to Beyond: A Commitment to BMW Electric

Our initial focus on the BMW i3 allowed us to develop a deep understanding of the car and its owner’s needs. We translated this knowledge into high-quality aftermarket parts that seamlessly integrate with the i3 experience.

This success fueled our desire to expand. We’ve incorporated the BMW iX3, BMW i4, BMW i5 and BMW iX1 (coming soon) into our portfolio, offering solutions that optimize these electric vehicles as well. 


BMW i5 Frunk – Tools and Samples Ordered 2 weeks ago - We are excited to share that the tools and samples for our BMW i5 Frunk have been successfully ordered. We’ve received delivery dates for all components, and we’re aiming to have a finished prototype by the end of June. The first production batch is also scheduled to ensure a quick…
Current stock situation 1 month ago - Hi, We would like to inform you that due to high demand in the last weeks, many of our products are currently out of stock. However, we are working hard to replenish our inventory. All required components have been ordered weeks ago already but still some are affected by delays.…

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