BMW i4 Frunk M-Sport

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  • for cars with adaptive M-Sport suspension (S02VF)
  • for all e-Drive 35 and e-Drive 40
  • not for the BMW i4 M50
  • 40 liters more loading volume
  • enough space for your charging equipment
  • stable, scratch-resistant and sustainable

This is as special cut variant for the reinforcing beam of cars with the adaptive M-Sports suspension (S02VF)
So it can be installed in every e-Drive 35 and e-Drive 40 car.
The frunk does not fit BMW i4 M50.

This trunk under the front hood offers you additional 40 liters of storage space and is more than enough for everything an e-mobilist needs. Whether you’re packing for a vacation, a roadtrip, or just want a tidy trunk, the BMW i4 Frunk gives you a lot more storage space.

We are proud to say that this product is 100% Made in Germany. In this way, we not only guarantee high quality, but also have the smallest possible CO2 footprint thanks to short distances.

The installation is very easy and is based on existing points. This means that it can also be used in leased vehicles without any problems. If you want, you can also reinstall the original cover over the frunk after installation.

The frunk is made from recycled, self-extinguishing PC/ABS. This makes the BMW i4 frunk considerably more stable, scratch-resistant and temperature-resistant than normal ABS plastic. By using recycled material, we make our contribution to the sustainability of our products.

Installation instruction for the BMW i4 Frunk

Installation instruction M-Sport specific


  1. Do I have to register my frunk or is there an ABE?
    No and no. We have coordinated with the TÜV here and since the BMW i4 Frunk can be installed and removed without tools, it is technically classified as a load. Thus, no ABE or other registration is required.
  2. Does the installation of the frunk affect the thermal management?
    No. The frunk is slanted towards the front and offers more than enough space underneath for air to escape. In the BMW i4, greater waste heat is only generated during fast charging anyway. If you still have doubts, we recommend taking a look under the cover of a BMW i4 M50. There is far less space there and the e-machine installed there generates additional waste heat.
  3. Will I lose my warranty by installing the Frunk?
    Since we can’t speak for BMW, we can’t answer that. We can only reassure you that in all our years we have never heard of a customer having problems. We can also not think of any valid arguments for a loss of warranty.


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