The BMW iX1 Frunk is available!

Today we are pleased to announce that our Frunk for the BMW iX1 is finally available. We carried out this project quietly and now wanted to honor it with our own contribution.

If you’ve been paying close attention, you may have noticed that the Frunk is available alongside the redesign of our website. But may I introduce? The BMW iX1 Frunk:

 BMW iX1 Frunk in a top view from the front with charging cables

The BMW iX1 Frunk is made of self-extinguishing ABS plastic. It is stable and super easy to install. Unfortunately, since the BMW iX1 is built on a front-wheel drive platform, there wasn’t more room. But as you can see, the charging cable and the “charging brick” fit comfortably and there is still room for more.

As usual, the front engine compartment of the iX1 is very well sealed on all sides and therefore no cover or similar is necessary.

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