Welcome back to our new internet presence!

A lot of things happened during the past couple of weeks and I will try to update you shortly.

  1. A temporary reduction of the German VAT from 19% to 16%. Of course we will participate and will pass on the related benefit completely to our customers.
  2. To give you the highest level of comfort, we rebuilt our website from scratch and are an online-shop now. So you will always have a good overview about the stock, prices and estimated delivery times.
  3. A star is back and is better than ever: the BMW i3 trunk extension in its 4th generation! We neither have spared expenses nor efforts and proudly present you the amazing result today.
  4. A new star is born and is introduced to the world today: the BMW i3 frunk sealing. We had to completely change the design twice to come to a perfect result and this is what you can find here today. The delivery of the first series was unfortunately delayed due to Corona and is supposed to arrive in 2 – 3 weeks. But we are sure that we will ship the first frunk sealings to the world still in July.
  5. What never will change is our service! Of course we will always be there for you. Digitally and analog. Everybody who has time and the opportunity is welcome to come by and pick up his BMW i3 accessories with a free installation included.

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