Update BMW i3 charge port flap

The first prototypes were good for testing but showed some issues that needed to be fixed.
Last week I received the new prototypes and assembled and tested them.
The assembly tools have been printed and all the necessary parts are in stock already.
The tests went well and the charge port flap works as intended.
But I still will run another optimization to improve functionality.
On Instagram I post some short videos and pictures of the tests I do (no advertisement for my channel intended).
Two prototypes are installed in other i3s already and are tested in the field, one in the car of my BMW dealer and one in the i3S of a friend of mine.
Both are really happy with the added comfort when they need to charge but also agreed that I should run the second improvement cycle.
I want to make sure by this improvement that both flaps really operate individually.
Currently it is possible that the bottom flap opens together with the upper one.

I expect the next samples to be delivered within 2 weeks and hope everything will be ready for placing my order for series production then.
For the final products will arrive then within 2-3 weeks.

So my old, very optimistic schedule, in which I forgot the production time by the way, is not achievable anymore.
But I am sure it is better to do another round of optimization before I launch a product with which I am not completely happy.

You can expect the next information somewhere in 3 weeks, when I have tested the new prototypes.

Thank you for your patience.

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