News about the BMW iX3 Frunk!

The first prototype has arrived and has already been tested successfully. You can find a picture of the current prototype below. There is still a small revision needed and therefore I expect a final prototype soon. What has changed since the last time:
  • The frunk will have a hole and this will be closed with a plug by default. This gives the most flexibility possible.
  • The mounting concept has now also been clarified. The frunk will be fixed to the pipes by pipe clamps with rubber soft cover via a screw. This ensures a firm hold, very easy mounting and looks quite good too. (not yet realized on the picture)
  • The support arm is now final designed and will be a stainless steel bent part.
The frunk has already passed the following tests: 1. Load test: The frunk was filled with all the charging accessories I own. Total weight was around 12 kg. As expected, this is absolutely no problem for the Frunk. 2. Emergency braking: Fully loaded, the Frunk was accelerated several times in sport mode and emergency braked from about 65 km/h. No movement of the frunk was measurable. 3. Leak test: I took the iX3 to the self-service wash box and spent about 5 minutes cleaning the front hood from all directions with the high-pressure cleaner, deliberately targeting the edges as well. As expected, the engine compartment seal is more than adequate and not a drop came in or on the frunk. 4. Noise test: In about 300 km of driving, no noise was perceptible in the interior due to the frunk and its load. Next steps and delivery situation: The somewhat sad news is that the delivery date for the first series has not been confirmed until early March. Unfortunately, we are also affected by the delivery bottlenecks for raw material here.

Instead, the final prototype will be delivered next week and then I will hand it over to a long-term tester. The contour of the prototype will be slightly changed again to cover more of the battery.

This is the form fit into a iX3
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