Current delivery situation

Currently we are have delays for our deliveries because of an unexpected high demand. But we do our best to deliver all open orders as fast as we can. Currently both products are displayed as “Available on backorder”.

The frunk sealing is currently on stock but only a few parts are not sold and most of them are reserved for combo orders. Since we are behind in deliveries we decided to not update the stock so you do not expect as to deliver within 3 days which we cannot ensure at the moment. The next series is already ordered and we will be able to update the stock soon.

The trunk extension was sold out much faster than we were expecting and so we ordered a next series immediately. We are expecting the delivery this Friday and will be able to ship by the beginning of next week. So we ask for a little more patience.

You can be sure that we do everything possible to ship all open orders as fast as we can.

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