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BMW i4 eDrive 40 Frunk - Launch in April 2023

Having finished the development of the BMW iX3 Frunk we are now taking on the next car from Munich.
As we receive more and more requests for the BMW i4 we wanted to publish a project timeline for its development as well.

This will be our first project to completely 3D scan the available space in the car. We expect to improve the fit of our designs even further by this technique. Significant reductions in development time should also be a result because we will no longer have to produce styrofoam shape prototypes and less changes to the tool should be needed due to precise CAD data.

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Project Phases

  • Production by thermoforming
  • Design similar to the BMW iX3 Frunk
  • Must be able to be shipped internationally
  • Maximize volume by keeping the size within standard thresholds
  • 3D scanning of the front compartment of the BMW i4
  • Creation of CAD model
  • Definition of materials
  • Request all parts
  • Survey for customer requirements
  • Discuss and improve design with manufacturers
  • Order production tools
  • Order assembly parts
  • Arrival of first sample parts
  • Assembly test
  • Planned tests:
    • Installation test (fit)
    • Loading test (weight)
    • Power washer test (tightness)
    • Driving test (accelerating, cornering, emergency breaking)
  • Create documentation
  • Create installation video
  • Setup website
  • Prepare first units
  • Send out notification to subscribers
  • Launch product on website
  • Start shipping

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