The trunk extension goes GRP! First parts until the end of 2018

Suitable for the 100% elektric BMW i3 wihtout Range Extender.

The trunk extension fits into all i3 variants, with 60Ah, 94Ah and 120Ah battery, the facelift-model and of course the i3s.

The trunk extension replaces the aluminum plate under the bottom plate of the trunk. This gives you the possibility to use the space currently not in use.

Made of GRP, it is as corrosion proof as the rest of the BMW i3. A reliable companion for a whole car-life. It can be installed and removed without leaving any traces behind.

Therefore the use in leased cars is possible as well.


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Installation instruction

technische details:

  • material: GRP 3mm
  • weight: about 6 kg
  • in total 35 l additional space
  • space for: tire-repair-kit, hasard triangle, first aid kit, standard charger, Typ2 charging cable
  • separate compartment for security vests


The trunk extension was classified as not necessary to be registered in the vehicle papers by the German TÜV, so no ABE is required.


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Your trunk is always clean.

Everything inside the box remains dry and clean.

The trunk extension has a kind of thermo effect. Due to its position below the isolated trunk bottom plate there is nearly no heating up on hot summer days. So if you do not want to go home directly after shopping you can store your food which is meant to be kept cold like vegetables, icecream or drinks inside the trunk extension. You will see how long it will stay cool even on hot sunny days with 35°C.


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You get:

  • The trunk extension,
  • one neoprene nut,
  • a stainless steel screw with washer
  • a Torx-Bit for the screws
  • label with notes
  • a detailed installation instruction with pictures in German and English

Price including shipment:

  • Germany: 449,99€
  • EU-countrys 459,99€
  • non-EU-countrys: by request

We deliver worldwide.

Please mind that possible import taxes for orders outside of the EU cannot be included in our price.


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Please mind that possible import taxes for orders outside of the EU can not be included in our price.


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