BMW i3 trunk extension now without German VAT

Anyone who ordered within the last weeks and wanted to make me sell to him B2B or was ordering to anywhere outside of the EU already experienced this new benefit. I have changed the legal form of my company and by the way I moved to Nuremberg. Now I can identify the German VAT on […]

Short holiday break

Hello everyone I will be on vacation from 5. June to 18. June. So there can be some delays in the communication and acknowledging of new orders. When I am back I will deliver the waiting customers and will be able to deliver off stock then.

First New BMW i3s With Trunk Extension

Yesterday I installed a trunk extension in a brand new BMW i3s 120Ah directly at a BMW dealer. The special thing about all this is that everything was managed by the BMW dealer and was arranged before the actual delivery. So this will be the first BMW i3 which will be delivered to its final […]

The next series is being packed

The production of the BMW i3 trunk extension is stable and the supply situation is getting better. I picked up the next series of parts this Saturday and will be able to deliver all customers including reservation ID #22. Please understand that I will keep on shipping to UK customers immediately. The first big series […]

The next series is on it’s way

The next series of BMW i3 trunk extensions is on it’s way to me! More products are already produced but due to a high percentage of ill workers the manufacturer has not enough capacity to do the finishing at the moment. I will try to schedule the next delivery to next week already.  

Additional Tool And First Parts

Hello everybody Today I have ordered another tool for the production of my new trunk extension because the demand is quite good and I receive far more orders than I expected. So I will be able to produce more parts per week and speed up the delivery schedule. The first series of 10 trunk extensions […]

The first part is ready and approved!

Yesterday I met with my supplier and picked up the first trunk extension. Fitting and quality were as expected and so I was able to approve the part. For being able to produce at least 5 parts per week and to further improve manufacturability and surface quality I need to produce a master mold now. […]

The baby is almost born!

The first part of the new BMW i3 trunk extension GRP series had to be sacrificed yesterday to perform all necessary tests and to further optimize the mold. But I can tell you that my already high expectations were exceeded. The total weight will be under 6kg. Optics and haptics are phenomenal. For we were […]

First part will be ready in CW51

A short update for everybody who is eagerly waiting: Unfortunately the first part of the GRP BMW i3 trunk extension did not unmold. The mat surface created too much friction and the part had to be destroyed. The tool is out to get a fine tuning and should be back this week. The first part […]