The baby is almost born!

The first part of the new BMW i3 trunk extension GRP series had to be sacrificed yesterday to perform all necessary tests and to further optimize the mold. But I can tell you that my already high expectations were exceeded. The total weight will be under 6kg. Optics and haptics are phenomenal. For we were […]

First part will be ready in CW51

A short update for everybody who is eagerly waiting: Unfortunately the first part of the GRP BMW i3 trunk extension did not unmold. The mat surface created too much friction and the part had to be destroyed. The tool is out to get a fine tuning and should be back this week. The first part […]

First part next Tuesday 11.12.2018

The first part of the new BMW i3 trunk extension GRP series will be ready by next Tuesday 11. December. I will pick it up myself, check it and will update the product pictures afterwards. I will talk about the delivery date for the first series as well. Stay tuned.

The tool is at the producer & Instagram

I picked up the tool for the BMW i3 trunk extension last Thursday and delivered it to the producer. I hope to pick up the first part this week already. Furthermore you can follow me now on Instagram. No link on the website, just search for: wokeby if you want to. And here is the […]